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Posting Jobs on Invisible Strengths

Building out the Job Poster side of the app's MVP


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Designing with DEAI in mind

Invisible Strengths is an app for DEAI (Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion)-centered workforces and applicants to network and job hunt. In its current state, Invisible Strengths does not have a way for job posters to list roles that are hiring, which is a significant obstacle for the MVP to receive financing. 

I built out the section of the app that is dedicated to job posters to demonstrate what it would look like for a company's hiring manager to make an account and post a job.

01. Research

What's DEAI?

Before we jumped into designing a user flow for company managers, we wanted to talk to people who post jobs as part of their typical job requirements. Based on surveys and interviews with recruiters and hiring managers on the east and west coasts, we found that while many managers said their company stressed DEAI in the company mission, very few could name ways in which their company was actually implementing accommodations in daily life. In short, for most hiring managers DEAI is more of a buzzword than an important element of hiring

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It was also important that everyone on the UX team had a solid understanding of what DEAI actually looks like both in terms of federal requirements and examples of how different companies implement DEAI accommodations in their workplace. 

Due to paywall blocks our comparative and competitive analysis was limited in scope, but we did find that smaller job hiring platforms tended to lack curated elements of design that were present in larger hiring companies. Most of the smaller companies lacked features like matching jobs and candidates and unlimited job posts. 

02. Onboarding Flows

I headed the on-boarding education and security flows. While I was designing these elements, I asked myself:

  • How can we incorporate DEAI educational features into the onboarding flow?

  • How can we maintain security measures throughout the onboarding experience to prevent users from posing as recruiters?

On-Boarding Education


Implementing four skippable educational pages to the onboarding flow matched client goals for education and gave users the power to opt-out of the process.

Group 105.png

After user testing, education slides that resulted in tester confusion were reworded for greater specificity. 

On-Boarding Security

In order to prevent people from being able to pose as job recruiters and post fake job listings, we added the company verification feature which would allow companies to verify recruiters before they could make an account and post a job on the company's behalf.

Before Accommodation.png

For future roll-outs, I suggested implementing report functionality so that job seekers and posters would be able to notify the app in the event that a user does manage to make and post a fraudulent job listing.

03. Key Considerations

Job Post Flow


The mission behind Invisible Strengths is to create a platform where job seekers can state up front which accommodations they are looking for and job posters can list which accommodations the business provides.

Group 106.png

After testing, we incorporated a search and created a list of selected accommodations. This reduced the number of errors during our second round of testing by 33%.

Added Details

During initial interviews, hiring and managers and recruiters voiced frustration with competitor apps because:

  • They weren't able to customize when a job posting would go live

  • There weren't filter options for whether a job was taking place in-person or via remote work

Our team made a point to incorporate these elements into our design for additional ease of use.

Group 126.png
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What I learned

  • I learned how to integrate new designs into an existing system using metrics from data that I did not collect. 

  • I also learned to take elements from an in-development flow that was deemed to be outside the scope of the sprint and integrate those elements into the app I was working on. Now the onboarding and job post flow both contain optional educational elements from an abandoned education flow. 

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